Waterproof equipment

Our main area of expertise is focused on production of a wide range of waterproof bags, puches and cases that are most often used by kayakers, but also divers, speleologists, fishermen, hunters, or during expedition use.


Most of our drybags feature a simple closing mechanism comprised of a roll-up design paired with plastic clamps. The drybags come in sizes ranging from 3-100l and can feature both a flat or a round bottom design. They are highly customizable with the possibility of adding shoulder straps for easier transport, metal clamp rings for rappeling, or waist straps. The drybags can be easily branded with single or multi color logos.

Waterproof pouches for maps, passports or electronic gear

Our pouches are made using high-flex materials, usually featuring double-coating. The designs include a roll-up closure system as well as D rings used to easily attach wrist straps and neck strings.

Water-resistant duffle bags

This line features highly versatile duffle bags and deck bags for seakayaks.

Waterproof duffle bags have a wide range of application from watersports to motorcycling and ATV tours. The bags offer similar water-resistancy to drybags, but offer a more practical opening that facilitates easier packing and unpacking.

The seakayak deck bags are made with double-coated materials and are an extremely handy companion for kayakers undertaking longer trips that require additional storage.

Custom waterproof bags

Thanks to our highly flexible manufacturing set-up, we have experience with producing custom designs of waterproof bags to fit your needs. Our past custom designs include waterproof guitar bags, tailored waterproof rifle bags, or dedicated expedition bags.