Rescue gear

Production of water rescue equipment is another area of our expertise and mainly includes throw bags, towing ropes, paddle floatation bags and inflatable flotation bags for kayaks.

Throw bags

Made out of extremely durable Cordura-like material in highly visible red and yellow colors. The throw bags feature a floating rope with a 10mm diameter, with extreme tensile strength and bright yellow color. The available lengths range from 10-25m.

Tactical rescue belt

The belt features a wide strap that carries a combination of a detacheable 15/20m long throw rope and a 5/10m long flip line, so it is perfect for use by professional rafting guides or water rescue specialists. Other featuers include a carabiner and several versatile straps.


Used for retreival of boats and gear, the flipline is a versatile piece of equipment that will improve the effectiveness of whitewater rescue.

Waterproof first aid kits

Using a durable and highly visible waterproof bag design, we produce two sizes of  a basic first aid kit that protects its contents against moisture in all conditions.

Water rescue tow lines

Used mainly by seakayakers, our tow lines are supplied with a 6mm rope that is both safe and versatile.


Our inflatable paddlefloats can be supplied in both single and double chamber design in highly visible Nylon 210 material.