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HG Sportcamp Troja features great amenities for active travelers visiting Prague. The camp is just steps away from the whitewater slalom course on the bank of the Vltava river and across the river from Stromovka, the largest park in Prague. Our fences touch the 15km bicycle trail along the river's shore which can take you all the way to Prague's historical center in less than half an hour. 

There are also numerous tourist attractions in the near vicinity of the camp, including the Prague ZOO, Troja Castle, Trojan Horse Cafe, Botanical Garden etc.
If you don't plan on using our campfire or BBQ facilities to cook up a lunch, you can visit our campground bistro for a snack or walk to one of the several nearby restaurants or cafes.
Our camp's capacity consists of 12 wooden chalets which can accommodate two adults and a 5000 sq. meters of lush green grass for your tents or RVs/Caravans.

Accommodation possibilities:
• Camp located at the bank of Prague's river Vltava
• 12 cabins which will comfortably sleep two
• Many attractions in the close vicinity of the camp

You can visit our website specifically dedicated to the campground for more information at www.sportcamp-prague.com