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Sportcentre Summary 

Sportcentre Troja offers an unprecedented scope of services not only for kayaking enthusiasts, but also for all active people who are yet to become attracted to paddling. Thanks to the extensive boat and equipment rental facility as well as the kayak lessons we offer, even a beginner can quickly learn about the appeal of kayaking; right on the banks of Vltava in Prague. The location of HG Sportcentre Troja provides a one-stop destination for testing new boats, purchasing equipment, organizing  paddling events, acquiring new skills and meeting like minded kayakers from the region.

HG Sporcentre Troja provides these services:

Kayak shop

• Complete range of boats, paddles, and all related equipment and accessories
• Extended stock of slalom boats and equipment
• Possibility to test boats right next to the shop

Boat rental

• The newest models of whitewater kayaks, creek kayaks, seakayaks, playboats and touring kayaks
• Inflatable boats, rafts and canoes along with all necessary equipment
• Rent a boat for a 2 hour cruise through Prague, for a couple of days or even weeks for your next big trip


• We can repair your PU, fiberglass and inflatable boats
• Adjustments and replacaments of paddle blades
• We can fix equipment, such as teared wet suits, dry bags etc.

Paddling lessons

• Kayak school for complete beginners as well as intermediate paddlers
• Enhance your skills in whitewater paddling, seakayaking and rafting
• Safety lectures

Trips and events

• Expert-guided adventure tours to rivers, lakes and seas
• Exhibitions, presentations and meetings related to the paddling community
• Complete facilities for teambuilding activities


• Camp situated within walking distance of the Troja whitewater course
• Accommodation of individuals and groups in cabins
• Extensive gastronomical and cultural amenities in close vicinity