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    Yukon seakayaks

Wholesale pricing 

If you represent a company, government agency or a NGO interested in purchasing water sports equipment, you might be eligible for our wholesale pricing. 

We are authorized dealers of the following brands: 


Prijon, Eskimo, Wave Sport, Rotomod, Ocean Kayaks, Mad River Canoe, Old Town Canoe, Spreu-Boote, Grabner, Gumotex, Sevylor, Kutlíci, Robfin, Železný, ZET Advanced Technologies, Galasport


TNP Laminex, Profiplast, Panenenka Paddles, Galasport, AT Paddles


Artistic, Nookie, Stohlquist, NoName, Aquapac, Langer, Kwark, and others...

If you are interested in obtaining further information along with our wholesale pricelist, please contact us at jancar@hgsport.cz.